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APM MARITIME : Our Mission


APM Présentation du VIGAN

» Reduce cost and shorten datelines for the passage of goods in Cameroon ports and airports;

» Facilitate exchanges in Cameroon, within the CEMAC zone, in Africa and the World at large

» Participate in enhancing national notoriety as per logistic ;

» Sensitize importers and exporters in their buying and selling decisions ;

» Create a conducive work atmosphere for a healthy development of our personnel through constant evaluations and training go a long way to reinforce our work force and human resources ;

» Associate a constant insistence on the respect of hygiene and sanitation rules and safety at work through all operations we get involved in ;

» Identifying with precision the needs of clients and offer adapted and customized solutions ;

» Personalise and create a cordial relationship with all partners ;

» Laying emphasis on internal communication between our personnel and senior management on the one hand, and also between the company and all partners