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A full service is offered by air ,sea and surface and delivery can be organized in over 105 countries . we have established excellent contacts with seaports and airports ,and enjoy good relationship with custom's airport and port authorities and have no problem whatsoever in clearing your cargo.

Shipping Agency
We offer goods and suitable services to vessels and crew including crew change and accommodation ,bunkering, spare pats ,delivery and permanent assistance to crews and the vessel. immigration clearance (entry VISAS ) onshore and off shore assistance , repairs and docking facilities.

We can arrange for use of either an entire or vessel capacity based on and tailored to your logistic needs .use our connections to your time critical shipments..

Buck Handling With Vigan Sucker
Today, Agence de Prestation Maritime can load and unload your goods in bulk such as: Wheat – Beansprouts – Cereals – Maize – Ciment In order to save time and energy , we have provided mobile discharging equipment with a capacity of 120 tons per hour couple with hoppers and forklifts which permist us to speed up discharging at a maximum rate of 1500 to 2500 tons per day.

The essence of these discharging materials is to ease the flow of product through rubber and metal tubing by means of aspiration and repression at the fastest rate. The aspiratory equipment ease the flow of product to their final destination be it on trucks , hoppers ,wagon quay ot warehouse. .
APM Présentation du VIGAN